Vendor or Booth Space at a Certified Farmers’ Market

The purpose of our Certified Farmers’ Market program is to preserve our farmland and help small acreage California family farmers by providing them with economically viable outlets. We therefore deal only with full-time California Farmers who are inspected, registered and certified by the State of California.

All fresh and processed agricultural products sold at a market must be grown by the farmer that is selling them.  All Farmers must have confirmed reservations before attending any market.

We do not have space or a vendor section for prepared food carts or tents, food trucks, gardeners, commercial wares or services, literature, arts, crafts, soaps, cosmetics, vitamins, candy, candles, compost, fertilizers, coffee beans, prepared foods, and similar types of products. Our limited exceptions for bakeries and brewed coffee are full.

We do not have space or a designated area for information booths, signature gathering, fundraising, surveys, free goods or literature distribution by individuals, commercial entities or nonprofit service groups.